Message From The CEO - Michael Dagher

For more than two decades, I managed and created new investment opportunities in the telecom sector throughout the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region- managing the Motorola business, serving on the Board of Directors of Orascom Telecom, and creating Umniah Mobile Company in cooperation with regional institutional financial investors. Most recently, as president and board member of DAMA Ventures—also board member of its subsidiaries and other regional institutions—overseeing the company’s business activities in the telecom, financial investments, real estate development, and leisure and tourism sectors; providing the overall strategic direction in three continents.  
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About DAMA Ventures

DAMA Ventures is a holding company that focuses on four business industries: telecom, investment and financial services, real estate development, leisure and tourism.

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Investment Activities

Today’s regional investment businesses are banking-centric, based on deposit and withdrawal activities. As individuals earn and spend more, they will require an array of investment products and services that are not readily available in the regional market at present.

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Business Partners

DAMA Ventures pursues long term, profitable, and prosperous partnerships on strategic and investment levels. The company’s previous experience in successfully forging strong and lasting alliances coupled with its managerial expertise and that of its partners only serve to foretell of profitable outcomes in business.

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DAMA Ventures has recruited the best talent around

Combined, the executives at DAMA have over 100 years of experience in information and communications technologies, finance, investments, services and executive management.



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