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Message From The CEO

For more than two decades, I managed and created new investment opportunities in the telecom sector throughout the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region- managing the Motorola business, serving on the Board of Directors of Orascom Telecom, and creating Umniah Mobile Company in cooperation with regional institutional financial investors. Most recently, as president and board member of DAMA Ventures—also board member of its subsidiaries and other regional institutions—overseeing the company’s business activities in the telecom, financial investments, real estate development, and leisure and tourism sectors; providing the overall strategic direction in three continents, and leading its ongoing active negotiations to secure new investment opportunities.

Since the dawn of telecom, the world and indeed the region has made quantum leaps economically, socially, and educationally. We want to ensure that the countries we operate in continue to advance. DAMA Ventures has handpicked a group of savvy individuals and regional investors, who can provide new answers for this fast-changing and dynamic sector, who can respond timely and appropriately to the changes brought about by this sector with intelligent products and services.

DAMA Ventures is a holding group that provides diversified investment services and management expertise in areas where other regional corporations have not fully tread. DAMA Ventures offers solutions and management services that have a potential growth opportunity on a national or regional level.

At present, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region is enjoying economic prosperity with a tremendous promise for growth. With a majority young population, the opportunities for developing skill sets while focusing on underdeveloped areas will grow rapidly during the next decade. Our extensive aggregate experience and know-how place us in a prime position of seeing beyond the obvious and identifying the fundamentals that lie underneath. Our “can do” attitude and successful track record drives us to create solutions and services that address these opportunities.

Our vision is straightforward: to become a regional leader in the telecommunications, digital data management, investment services, tourism and leisure industries, bringing real value to the local and regional economies in which we operate. DAMA Ventures undergoes a continuous process of improvement that allows us to constantly remain at the pinnacle of the business. This culture has encouraged us to adopt the new in everything we do—in doing things right and in doing the right things.

DAMA Ventures has strategic alliances with regional and international corporations: The National Electric Power Company in Jordan, Al-Mal Capital in Dubai, Global Investment House in Kuwait, FASG Group in Kuwait, Huawei Technologies in China, Hewlett-Packard (HP), Microsoft, Intel, Cisco and Juniper Networks in the USA. We are proud of our partnerships and we have no doubt that our past experiences and knowledge will bring our partners positive returns.

Michael Dagher


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